which of the following technologies precedes “HORSE RIDING”?

Answer: Domestication of horses.

Some extra relevant information:

Before the advent of horse riding, humans utilized various modes of transportation and technologies to aid in their mobility and survival. One such technology that preceded horse riding is the use of domesticated animals for transportation, such as the use of animal-drawn carts.

The domestication of animals allowed early humans to harness the strength and stamina of these creatures to assist with tasks that required more force or speed than humans alone could provide. This development significantly improved transportation capabilities, enabling the movement of heavier loads and the ability to travel greater distances.

The use of animal-drawn carts began to emerge around 4000 BCE in Mesopotamia and Egypt. These early carts were generally pulled by oxen or other large animals, providing humans with the means to transport goods, crops, and people.

The invention and adoption of the wheel further enhanced the effectiveness of carts and facilitated smoother transportation over varying terrains. By attaching wheels to the carts, humans were able to distribute the weight more evenly and reduce strain on both the animals and the individuals operating the carts.

The preceding technology of animal-drawn carts laid the foundation for the subsequent advancement of horse riding as a more efficient and versatile mode of transportation. Horse riding allowed humans to travel faster, cover longer distances, and navigate challenging terrains more effectively.

Horse riding, compared to animal-drawn carts, provided individuals with enhanced mobility and maneuverability, making it a crucial development in human history. The domestication of horses revolutionized transportation, warfare, trade, and communication, ultimately shaping the civilizations that arose during that period.

In conclusion, the technology that precedes horse riding is the use of animal-drawn carts. The invention and utilization of carts allowed humans to transport goods and people over greater distances, establishing the groundwork for the subsequent advancement of horse riding as a more efficient mode of transportation.

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