What happens after kvk ends?

Answer: You go back to your original home kingdom until the next kvk starts again

Some extra relevant information:

After the King’s Avatar (KvK) event ends in the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, players can expect a shift in focus and activities. The conclusion of KvK marks the end of intense player versus player competition, as kingdoms come together to battle for supremacy.

Once this event concludes, players return to their individual kingdoms and resume their usual gameplay. Here are some key aspects of what happens after KvK ends:

1. Rewards Distribution: Players are rewarded based on their individual and alliance performance during KvK. The rewards typically include valuable resources, speedups, special items, and gems. These rewards can significantly boost a player’s progress and strengthen their kingdom.

2. Kingdom Recovery: After the intense battles of KvK, kingdoms often need time to recover. Friends and allies who fought side by side during the event must now work together to rebuild structures, heal injured troops, and replenish resources. Cooperation and teamwork are vital during this phase to ensure a quick recovery.

3. Consolidation of Power: The conclusion of KvK provides an opportunity for the most dominant alliances and players to consolidate their power. This often leads to strategic shifts in alliances and diplomatic relations within the kingdom. Players may choose to merge alliances or form new ones to create a stronger force for future conflicts.

4. Kingdom vs. Kingdom Events: While KvK may be over, there are other kingdom-wide events that players can look forward to. These events, such as Lost Kingdom and Osiris League, involve inter-kingdom competitions and alliances battling against each other in various game modes. These events provide new challenges and opportunities for players to showcase their skills and teamwork.

5. Internal Development: With the return to normal gameplay, players can focus on developing their cities, researching technologies, training troops, and expanding their territories. This phase allows players to work towards their personal goals and strengthen their kingdoms from within.

6. Preparation for Future KvK: After experiencing KvK, players understand the importance of preparation. They can use the post-KvK period to strategize, analyze weaknesses, and make improvements. This includes training stronger troops, upgrading commanders, and coordinating with alliance members for future battles.

In conclusion, after the KvK event concludes in Rise of Kingdoms, players receive rewards, kingdoms go through a recovery phase, alliances may shift, and players focus on internal development and preparation for future kingdom-wide events. Rise of Kingdoms ensures that the end of KvK does not mark the end of excitement and strategic gameplay, but rather a transition into new challenges and opportunities.

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