Which of the following is NOT one of Osman 1’s skills?

Answer: Oblique tactics.

Some extra relevant information:

Osman I, also known as Osman Gazi, was the founder and the first sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He possessed remarkable leadership skills and strategic prowess that helped establish a strong foundation for the empire’s expansion.

While Osman I had several distinct skills that set him apart as a remarkable leader, one skill that is not attributed to him is the “Shadow Raid” skill. It is important to note that “Shadow Raid” is not a skill associated with Osman I in the context of the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms.

In Rise of Kingdoms, Osman I is depicted with a set of unique skills that reflect his historical persona. These skills include:

1. Osman’s Sword: This active skill increases the attack of Osman’s troops for a limited time, allowing for enhanced offensive capabilities.

2. Calm Heart: This passive skill boosts Osman’s troops’ health, making them more durable and resilient in battles.

3. Symbol of Faith: This active skill increases the defense of Osman’s troops, providing added protection during engagements.

4. Osman’s Legacy: This passive skill boosts Osman’s march speed, enabling faster movement across the map.

Although Osman I possessed many remarkable skills in real history, the “Shadow Raid” skill is not part of his skill set in Rise of Kingdoms. It is important to differentiate between the historical figure and the in-game representation to avoid confusion.

Remember, it is always interesting to delve deeper into the historical achievements and skills of great leaders like Osman I to gain a better understanding of their contributions to world history.

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