Which of the following is not one of Belisarius skills ?

Answer: Whirlwind is not one of Belisarius’ skills.

Some extra relevant information:

Belisarius, the renowned Byzantine general and one of the most celebrated military strategists in history, possesses a set of distinctive skills that make him a formidable commander in the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms. Among these skills, one stands out as not belonging to him.

Belisarius possesses three active skills and one passive skill. Let’s explore each of them, and identify the skill that does not belong to him.

1. Strike of the Hippodrome (Active Skill): Belisarius launches a powerful ranged attack against a single target, dealing damage and reducing the target’s rage. This skill is a potent offensive tool that can be used to weaken enemy troops and disrupt their ability to unleash powerful skills.

2. Agile Knight (Active Skill): This skill increases Belisarius’ cavalry march speed and grants increased attack damage for a short duration. Being a cavalry-focused commander, this skill enhances Belisarius’ mobility on the battlefield and provides a significant boost to his troops during combat.

3. Avid Strategist (Active Skill): Belisarius enters a defensive posture, increasing his troop’s defense and reducing incoming damage for a limited time. This skill is invaluable when defending against enemy attacks or sustaining prolonged engagements.

4. Entrenched (Passive Skill): Belisarius’ passive skill increases the defense of troops led by him, making them more resilient in battles. It enhances the survivability of his forces and allows them to endure longer against enemy assaults.

Among these skills, the skill that does not belong to Belisarius is “Avid Strategist.” While Belisarius possesses a skill that boosts his cavalry march speed (Agile Knight) and a skill that increases his troop’s defense (Entrenched), there is no skill named Avid Strategist attributed to him.

In conclusion, Avid Strategist is not one of Belisarius’ skills. Belisarius brings a blend of offensive power, mobility, and defensive capabilities to the battlefield, making him a versatile and highly sought-after commander in Rise of Kingdoms.

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