Which of the following is not one of mulan’s skills?

Answer: Indominable army.

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to the legendary warrior Mulan in the popular game Rise of Kingdoms, she possesses an impressive set of skills that can turn the tides of battle. However, there is one skill that she does not possess in her repertoire.

The skill that Mulan does not possess is called “Iron Spear.” This skill is not one of her unique abilities, although it may sound formidable and fitting for a legendary warrior like her. While the Iron Spear skill may not be available for Mulan, she still possesses three powerful skills that make her a formidable commander on the battlefield.

1. “Unity and Harmony” – This is Mulan’s active skill, which increases the attack of her troops for a certain duration. It also provides a significant boost in rage restoration, allowing her to unleash more powerful skills quickly.

2. “Swift Raid” – Mulan’s first passive skill increases her cavalry units’ defense and march speed. This skill is particularly useful for players who prefer an aggressive and swift playstyle that relies heavily on cavalry troops.

3. “Invincible Army” – Mulan’s second passive skill enhances the defense of her troops, further solidifying their resilience on the battlefield. This skill is essential for players who focus on enduring prolonged battles and protecting their forces.

While Mulan does not possess the “Iron Spear” skill, her existing skills are designed to bolster her troops and make her a force to be reckoned with. With her unique skill set, Mulan can lead armies to victory across the expansive and challenging world of Rise of Kingdoms.

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