which of the following is an economic building?

Answer: Alliance Centre

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, players are presented with a variety of buildings to construct and manage in order to develop their own civilization. Amongst the different types of buildings available, one category that holds great importance for economic growth is the economic buildings.

Economic buildings are essential for generating resources and establishing a strong economic foundation within the game. These buildings play a vital role in ensuring a steady supply of resources, allowing players to expand their armies, upgrade technologies, and construct more advanced structures.

One such economic building in Rise of Kingdoms is the Farm. Farms serve as the primary source of food production and are crucial for sustaining a population and keeping troops fed. The higher the level of the farm, the more food it can produce, thus helping to support a larger military force and accelerate growth.

Another economic building is the Lumber Mill. Lumber Mills are responsible for the production of wood, a crucial resource needed for constructing and upgrading buildings, as well as training troops. By investing in the development of lumber mills, players can ensure a steady supply of wood, which is essential for progress in the game.

The Quarry is yet another economic building that focuses on the production of stone. Stone is widely used to upgrade walls, construct buildings, and research technologies. By constructing and upgrading quarries, players can secure a consistent supply of stone and avoid resource shortages.

Lastly, the Gold Mine is an economic building that plays a key role in the generation of gold. Gold is a valuable currency in Rise of Kingdoms, used for various purposes such as training troops, researching technologies, and upgrading commanders. Constructing and upgrading gold mines is essential for maintaining a steady flow of gold to support the expansion of your civilization.

To summarize, economic buildings in Rise of Kingdoms, such as Farms, Lumber Mills, Quarries, and Gold Mines, are crucial for resource production and play a significant role in the overall success and growth of a player’s civilization. Establishing and upgrading these buildings will provide a solid economic foundation, enabling players to thrive in the game.

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