Which of the following is NOT one of Lohar’s Skills?

Answer: Utter annihilation.

Some extra relevant information:

Lohar, a powerful commander in Rise of Kingdoms, possesses a unique set of skills that make him formidable on the battlefield. However, among his arsenal of abilities, one skill that is notably absent is the “Divine Shield” skill.

Lohar’s skills primarily revolve around enhancing his troop’s combat capabilities and providing buffs during battles. His first skill, “Caustic Venom,” inflicts damage over time, reducing the enemy’s rage generation and preventing them from using powerful skills effectively. This skill is particularly useful in disabling powerful enemy commanders.

Lohar’s second skill, “Bond of Loyalty,” greatly enhances the troop’s healing capacity. This is invaluable during prolonged battles, where his troops can withstand more damage and recover swiftly, securing a higher chance of victory.

The third skill in Lohar’s repertoire is “Barbarian King,” intensifying the commander’s attack and granting additional rage restoration during barbarian battles. This skill bolsters Lohar’s presence in questing, allowing him to decimate hordes of barbarians efficiently and swiftly.

Finally, Lohar’s ultimate skill, “Cross of Coronation,” activates the “Desperate Elixir” buff. This buff causes Lohar and his troops to deal increased damage to barbarians and receive reduced damage from them. This skill ensures that Lohar remains a formidable force while engaged in eliminating barbarian forces.

Although Lohar possesses these incredible skills that contribute to his overall combat prowess, the skill “Divine Shield” is notably not part of his repertoire. However, the absence of this skill should not undermine Lohar’s effectiveness in the battlefield, as his existing skills make him an indispensable commander in battles against both players and barbarians.

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