The kingdom title queen increases which of the following rok?

Answer: The kingdom title “Queen” increases Gathering Speed and Resource Production in Rise of Kingdoms.

Some extra relevant information:

The kingdom title of Queen in Rise of Kingdoms (RoK) is a prestigious title that bestows various benefits and advantages to the player who holds it. This title is granted to the top-ranking female player in the kingdom.

Once a player is crowned as Queen, they gain access to exclusive perks and abilities that can significantly enhance their gameplay experience. Here are some of the benefits that come with the kingdom title of Queen in RoK:

1. Specialty Skill: The Queen possesses a unique specialty skill called “Nobility,” which can provide additional buffs and advantages to troops and resource production within the kingdom. This skill can be leveled up and further enhanced to provide even greater benefits.

2. Queen’s Privilege: The Queen gains certain privileges that set her apart from other players in the kingdom. These privileges can include increased gathering speed, reduced building and research time, and enhanced troop training speed. These advantages can give the Queen a significant edge in strengthening her kingdom and preparing for battles.

3. Access to Queen’s Quests: As the Queen, players are given exclusive tasks and quests to complete. These quests provide valuable rewards and resources, as well as unique items that can help in advancing the player’s progression.

4. Prestige and Influence: Holding the title of Queen brings significant prestige and influence within the kingdom. Players will receive increased attention and respect from other players, and their opinions and decisions may carry more weight in diplomatic and strategic discussions.

5. Personal Guards: The Queen is granted a group of personal guards that can be used to defend her city or accompany her in battles. These guards are powerful and can provide additional support and protection to the Queen’s forces.

Becoming the Queen in RoK requires dedication, skill, and strategic gameplay. It is a title that brings numerous advantages and benefits, allowing the player to excel in various aspects of the game. So, strive to become the Queen in your kingdom and enjoy the perks that come with this esteemed title in Rise of Kingdoms.

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