Which of the following commanders joined a rebellion against her own husband?

Answer: Constance

Some extra relevant information:

One of the most intriguing stories in history involves a commander who defied societal norms by joining a rebellion against her own husband. This exceptional woman is none other than Wu Zetian, who later became the only female emperor in Chinese history.

Born in 624 AD, Wu Zetian started her journey as a concubine to Emperor Taizong, a prominent ruler of the Tang Dynasty. Her intelligence, wit, and political acumen quickly caught the emperor’s attention, leading to her promotion as his consort. However, after Taizong’s death, Wu Zetian experienced a dramatic turn of events.

Emperor Taizong’s son, Gaozong, ascended to the throne, making Wu Zetian his empress. Though initially content with her new position, she soon grew ambitious and sought greater power. Wu Zetian realized that she could further her influence by siding with the faction that opposed her husband’s policies.

Gaozong’s reign was marked by internal strife and external threats, creating an opportunity for Wu Zetian to make her move. She conspired with members of the imperial court and military officers who were dissatisfied with Gaozong’s rule. Together, they formed a rebellion known as the “Wu Zhou Rebellion” in 690 AD.

During the rebellion, Wu Zetian played a crucial role as a strategist and commander. She led her forces against her own husband’s troops, displaying unhindered resolve and relentless determination. Through cunning tactics and shrewd decision-making, Wu Zetian emerged victorious in the conflict, ultimately overthrowing Gaozong to become the Empress Regnant of China.

Wu Zetian’s rebellion against her own husband is a testament to her exceptional leadership skills and her unwavering pursuit of power. Her rise to the throne defied traditional gender roles and shattered societal expectations, leaving an indelible mark on Chinese history.

In conclusion, Wu Zetian stands as a remarkable historical figure who defied norms by joining a rebellion against her own husband. Her story serves as a reminder that even in the most unexpected circumstances, individuals can rise above societal constraints and reshape the course of history.

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