How can I destroy old flags?

Answer: Yes if they are no longer useful they can be destroyed. If they are still active though you may need a rival alliance that connects to your flags territory to destroy them.

Some extra relevant information:

Destroying old flags in Rise of Kingdoms can be a necessary task to reclaim valuable land for your alliance or to reorganize your territory. If you’re wondering how to destroy old flags in the game, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open the game: Launch the Rise of Kingdoms game on your device and log in to your account.

2. Go to your city: Once you’re in the game, navigate to your main city by tapping on it or using the map.

3. Access the Governor’s Hall: At the center of your city, you will find the Governor’s Hall. Tap on it to open the building menu.

4. Find the flag: Look for the flag that you want to destroy in the building menu. You may have multiple flags if you have expanded your alliance territory or relocated your city.

5. Select the flag: Tap on the flag that you wish to destroy to select it. A menu with various options will appear.

6. Choose “Abandon”: From the available options, select the “Abandon” button. This option allows you to destroy the flag and remove it from your territory.

7. Confirm the destruction: A confirmation prompt will appear on your screen to make sure you want to proceed with the destruction. Read the message and ensure that you have selected the correct flag. If you’re certain, tap “Confirm” to proceed.

8. Wait for the destruction: The destruction of the flag will take some time to complete. The duration depends on the level of the flag. Be patient while the game processes the destruction.

9. Collect rewards: Once the flag is destroyed, you may receive rewards such as resources or speed-ups. These rewards will be automatically added to your inventory.

Remember that destroying flags can have various consequences, such as losing territory or temporarily being unable to build in the same location. So, ensure that you plan your moves strategically and coordinate with your alliance before destroying any flags.

By following these steps, you will be able to successfully destroy old flags in Rise of Kingdoms and manage your territory more efficiently.

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