Which of the following commanders excels at leading cavalry?

Answer: Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to leading cavalry forces in the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, there are several commanders who excel in this role. Each commander has unique skills and talents that make them effective in different ways. Here are a few commanders who are known for their prowess in leading cavalry:

1. Baibars: Baibars is an epic commander from the Arab faction who specializes in leading cavalry troops. His active skill, Desert Wind, deals damage to up to 5 targets, reducing their rage and movement speed. Baibars also has a talent tree that focuses on improving cavalry-related attributes such as march speed, cavalry attack, and cavalry defense. His expertise skill, Sultan of Rum, increases cavalry march speed and attack, making him a formidable leader for any cavalry-heavy army.

2. Cao Cao: Cao Cao is a legendary commander from the China faction who is known for his cavalry leadership skills. His active skill, “Ride of the Four Horsemen,” deals massive damage to a single target and reduces their defense for a short period. Cao Cao’s expertise skill, Heroic Presence, increases the attack and march speed of cavalry troops. He also has talents that enhance cavalry attack, cavalry defense, and march speed, making him a versatile leader for any cavalry-focused army.

3. Minamoto no Yoshitsune: Minamoto no Yoshitsune is a legendary commander from the Japan faction and is highly regarded for his cavalry leadership abilities. His active skill, Thunderous Force, deals damage to a single target and increases the damage of the next normal attack. Yoshitsune’s expertise skill, Genie, provides significant bonuses to cavalry troops’ damage and march speed. His talent tree further amplifies cavalry attack, defense, and health, making him a solid choice for any cavalry-heavy army composition.

These are just a few examples of commanders who excel at leading cavalry forces in Rise of Kingdoms. Each commander brings unique skills and talents to the battlefield, allowing players to customize their strategies based on the strengths and weaknesses of their cavalry units. Experimenting with different commanders and their abilities can help players find the perfect fit for their specific playstyle and troop composition.

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