How do you get rewards in the desire for victory event?

Answer: By participating in various in-game activities such as gathering resources, defeating barbarians, or completing daily quests, you can earn points and unlock rewards in the Desire for Victory event.

Some extra relevant information:

The “Desire for Victory” event in the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms offers players the opportunity to earn rewards by completing specific tasks and milestones. These rewards can range from valuable in-game resources to powerful items that can enhance your gameplay experience. Here’s how you can maximize your chances of earning rewards in the Desire for Victory event:

1. Participate actively: Make sure to actively participate in the Desire for Victory event to have a chance of earning rewards. This means regularly checking the event tab and completing the required tasks or participating in the activities designated for the event.

2. Complete quests: The Desire for Victory event often includes various quests that players must complete to earn rewards. These quests can range from simple tasks like training troops or gathering resources, to more complex objectives such as defeating barbarian forts or participating in battles. By completing these quests, you will earn points that contribute towards your overall progress in the event.

3. Earn event points: Event points are crucial for unlocking rewards in the Desire for Victory event. Points can be earned by participating in different activities, such as upgrading buildings, researching technologies, training troops, or even opening chests. The more tasks you complete, the more points you will accumulate, increasing your chances of obtaining rewards.

4. Aim for milestones: The Desire for Victory event often sets milestones that players need to reach to unlock specific rewards. These milestones can be based on the total number of event points earned, or they can be tied to particular objectives such as conquering cities or defeating enemy troops. To maximize your rewards, focus on reaching these milestones as they often offer more valuable items.

5. Utilize event-specific items: Sometimes, the event introduces special items that can boost your progress and help you earn rewards faster. These items can include speed-ups, resource boosts, or even special event-only bonuses. Make sure to take advantage of these items to maximize your chances of earning rewards within the event’s timeframe.

6. Coordinate with your alliance: Collaboration with your alliance members can significantly benefit your chances of earning rewards in the Desire for Victory event. Coordinate with your alliance to plan group activities, such as participating in rally attacks or sharing resources, which can help everyone accumulate more event points collectively.

By actively participating, completing quests, earning event points, reaching milestones, utilizing event-specific items, and collaborating with your alliance, you can increase your chances of earning rewards in the Desire for Victory event. With patience and dedication, you’ll be able to obtain valuable in-game resources and items that will aid in your Rise of Kingdoms journey.

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