Which of the following commanders excel at leading infantry?

Answer: Sun Tzu, Charles Martel, and Richard I.

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to leading infantry troops in Rise of Kingdoms, there are several commanders who excel in this role. These commanders possess special skills and talents that make them highly effective in combat scenarios involving infantry units. Let’s take a closer look at some of these exceptional commanders:

1. Charles Martel: Known as the “Guardian of France,” Charles Martel is considered one of the best commanders for leading infantry troops in the game. His expertise lies in strengthening infantry units’ defensive capabilities and reducing the damage they receive. His active skill, “Holy Knight,” inflicts direct damage on the enemy while also granting a defensive bonus to allied troops, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.

2. Eulji Mundeok: As a legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms, Eulji Mundeok possesses exceptional skills that enhance infantry troops’ offensive capabilities. His primary skill, “Art of War,” deals massive damage to enemy forces and greatly boosts the attack of allied infantry troops. Eulji Mundeok is renowned for his ability to crush enemies and dominate the battlefield with his infantry troops.

3. Sun Tzu: Although Sun Tzu is known for his versatility and tactical prowess, he also shines when leading infantry units. His active skill, “The Art of War,” increases the attack and march speed of allied infantry troops, giving them a significant advantage in battle. Sun Tzu also has a talent tree focused on infantry, further enhancing their combat effectiveness.

4. Yi Seong-Gye: While primarily recognized as a powerful commander for archers, Yi Seong-Gye also excels at leading infantry. His active skill, “Rain of Arrows,” damages and reduces the attack of enemy troops, making them more vulnerable to infantry units’ onslaught. Additionally, Yi Seong-Gye has a talent tree that includes infantry-focused skills, enabling him to boost the performance of his infantry troops even further.

5. Richard I: Known as the “Lionheart,” Richard I is a highly revered commander for his ability to improve infantry troops’ defense and durability. His active skill, “Bulwark of the Kingdom,” increases the defense of allied troops while also restoring their health. Richard I’s talent tree is heavily geared towards infantry specialization, making him an excellent choice for leading infantry marches.

These commanders are just a few examples of those who excel at leading infantry troops in Rise of Kingdoms. Each of them brings unique strengths to the battlefield, enhancing the performance of infantry units and allowing players to dominate their opponents. Choosing the right commander based on your playstyle and strategic objectives can greatly influence the outcome of battles in the game.

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