How do you accept friend requests?

Answer: Try the answers on this page: – There is no friends list as such, just a kind of messaging system.

Some extra relevant information:

Accepting friend requests is a simple process within the Rise of Kingdoms game. Connecting with other players can enhance your gaming experience as you can collaborate, share resources, and engage in friendly competition. Here’s how to accept friend requests:

1. Open the game: Launch the Rise of Kingdoms game on your preferred device. Ensure you have a stable internet connection to avoid any interruptions during the process.

2. Access the friend requests: Once you are in the game, look for the social interaction feature. It is usually represented by an icon resembling two people or a speech bubble. Tap on this icon to access your social menu.

3. Navigate to friend requests: Within the social menu, you will find different tabs or options. Look for the “Friend Requests” tab and tap on it. This will display all the pending friend requests you have received.

4. Review friend requests: In the friend requests section, you will see a list of players who have sent you a request to be friends. Take a moment to review each request and consider if you would like to accept or decline the invitation.

5. Accept friend requests: To accept a friend request, simply tap on the request from the list. A prompt will appear asking if you want to accept the request. Press the “Accept” or “Confirm” button to add the player to your friend list.

6. Notification: Once you accept a friend request, the player who sent it will receive a notification informing them that you have accepted their request. Similarly, you may also receive a notification if your friend request is accepted by someone else.

7. Interact with friends: After accepting a friend request, you can engage with your newfound friend in several ways. You can send private messages, coordinate attacks or defenses, and share resources to strengthen your alliance.

Remember, befriending other players in Rise of Kingdoms can provide strategic advantages and foster a sense of community in the game. It’s important to be cautious and respectful when accepting or sending friend requests, ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved.

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