Which of the following buff can take effect during sunset canyon battles?

Answer: The buffs that can take effect during sunset canyon battles are city and alliance technology buffs, as well as individual commander and talent buffs.

Some extra relevant information:

During Sunset Canyon battles in the Rise of Kingdoms game, several buffs can take effect to enhance your chances of victory. These buffs provide various advantages to your troops and strategies. Let’s explore which buffs are applicable during Sunset Canyon battles.

1. Civilization Buff: The civilization buff is a unique bonus based on the civilization you have chosen. Each civilization offers a specific advantage, such as increased troop stats, faster march speed, or improved resource gathering. However, in the Sunset Canyon, the civilization buff does not come into play.

2. Commanders’ Skills Buff: The active skills of your commanders play a significant role in battle. During Sunset Canyon battles, the commanders’ skills buffs can be used effectively to gain an edge over your opponents. Make sure to activate and utilize the skills of your commanders strategically for maximum impact.

3. Alliance Technology Buff: The Alliance Technology buffs that you and your alliance have researched can be applied during Sunset Canyon battles. These buffs enhance various aspects of your troops, city development, and combat effectiveness. Ensure that your alliance has focused on researching technologies that directly benefit your battle strategy.

4. Buffs from Structures: Some structures, such as the Alliance Fortress or the Watchtower, provide buffs that can be utilized during battles. The buffs granted by these structures can enhance troop stats, increase defense, or boost march speed. Use these structures strategically to provide favorable buffs to your troops in Sunset Canyon battles.

5. Equipment Buff: Equipping your commanders and troops with powerful gear can offer significant buffs during battles. The equipment buffs can increase troop stats, add extra damage, or provide defensive advantages. Prioritize upgrading and equipping high-quality gear for your commanders and troops to maximize their combat potential during Sunset Canyon battles.

It’s essential to remember that not all buffs can be used in Sunset Canyon battles. Civilization buffs are not applied, but commanders’ skills buffs, alliance technology buffs, buffs from structures, and equipment buffs can all be utilized to gain an advantage over your opponents.

By understanding and strategically utilizing these buffs, you can improve your chances of success in Sunset Canyon battles and increase your ranking in the game. Good luck on your conquest!

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