In RoK, the Throwing Axeman is which Civilization’s special unit?

Answer: France.

Some extra relevant information:

The Throwing Axeman is a special unit in the Rise of Kingdoms game, exclusive to the German civilization. As one of the German civilization’s unique units, the Throwing Axeman brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the battlefield.

The Throwing Axeman is a ranged infantry unit with a strong attack and decent defensive capabilities. They excel at dealing damage from a distance, making them valuable in both offensive and defensive strategies.

One of the key advantages of the Throwing Axeman is their ability to deal area-of-effect damage. With each attack, they can hit multiple targets within their range, making them highly effective against clusters of enemy troops. This makes them a great choice when facing large groups or defending against multiple attackers.

Furthermore, the German civilization provides additional bonuses to the Throwing Axeman, making them even more formidable on the battlefield. The civilization’s unique troop ability, called “Teutonic Fury,” increases the Throwing Axeman’s damage output significantly, giving them a considerable advantage in combat. This allows players using the German civilization to maximize the potential of their Throwing Axemen and dominate their opponents.

When using the Throwing Axeman as part of your strategy, it is essential to consider their strengths and weaknesses. Although they are powerful ranged units, they are relatively fragile and can be easily overwhelmed by heavy cavalry or strong infantry forces. It is crucial to support them with appropriate troop compositions to enhance their effectiveness and protect them from potential threats.

In conclusion, the Throwing Axeman is the German civilization’s special unit in Rise of Kingdoms. With their ability to deal area-of-effect damage and the bonuses provided by the German civilization, they are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. By incorporating them strategically into your gameplay, you can enjoy the advantages and dominate your opponents in the game.

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