Which is the Vikings civilization special unit?

Answer: The Vikings civilization’s special unit is the Berserker.

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, the Vikings civilization stands out with its unique characteristics and playstyle. One of the key aspects of any civilization in the game is its special unit, a powerful troop that brings an edge to battles and sieges.

The special unit for the Vikings civilization is the Berserker. These fearsome warriors are known for their unruly behavior and terrifying battle tactics. Berserkers are infantry units that possess exceptional combat abilities and bring devastation to their enemies on the battlefield.

What sets Berserkers apart from other infantry units is their ability to enter a state of uncontrollable rage during combat. The mere sight of a Berserker charging towards the enemy lines strikes fear in the hearts of adversaries. Once in this state, Berserkers gain increased attack power and defense, making them incredibly formidable.

Moreover, Berserkers have a unique skill called “Berserk Fury,” which significantly boosts their own attack and march speed. This allows them to swiftly close in on enemy units and unleash devastating strikes. With their exceptional speed and ferocity, Berserkers have the potential to turn the tide of battles in favor of the Vikings civilization.

It is worth noting that Berserkers are most effective when deployed in large numbers, as their special abilities are enhanced when they fight alongside their fellow Vikings troops. Therefore, it is advisable for players who choose the Vikings civilization to focus on training and upgrading Berserkers to maximize their potential on the battlefield.

In conclusion, the Vikings civilization’s special unit, the Berserker, is a force to be reckoned with in Rise of Kingdoms. Their ability to enter a state of mad rage, enhanced attack and defense, and swift movement make them a formidable infantry unit. Utilizing these fearsome warriors effectively can lead to decisive victories and establish dominance on the battlefield.

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