Do you first have to burn an ineffective flag of another alliance before you can build your own flag?

Answer: yes

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, players have the opportunity to join alliances to enhance their gameplay experience. Being a part of an alliance carries numerous benefits, including the ability to build alliance flags. These flags serve as a symbol of alliance presence and control over specific areas on the game’s map.

To answer the question directly – No, you do not have to burn an ineffective flag of another alliance before you can build your own. The act of burning flags in Rise of Kingdoms is related to capturing an enemy’s flag or reinforcing an existing flag during territorial battles. It does not directly impact the requirement to build your own alliance flag.

To build an alliance flag, there are a few prerequisites and considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, you must be a part of an alliance that has reached at least level 2. Once your alliance has met this requirement, any member of the alliance can proceed to construct a flag on the map.

Building an alliance flag requires alliance resources, such as alliance credits and alliance power. These resources are accumulated through various alliance activities, including rallies, teamwork events, alliance chests, or purchasing them through in-game means. A member of the alliance can initiate the construction process by spending the required alliance resources.

It’s important to note that each alliance can only have one flag built on the map at a time. Therefore, it’s crucial to discuss and coordinate with alliance members on the best location and timing for constructing the flag. Once the flag is successfully built, it becomes a visible landmark and can be reinforced to increase its defensive capabilities.

In conclusion, no, it is not necessary to burn an ineffective flag of another alliance before building your own in Rise of Kingdoms. By meeting the prerequisites and utilizing alliance resources, any member of an alliance can contribute to the construction and development of their alliance’s flag. This enables alliances to establish a presence, coordinate strategic moves, and engage in territorial battles within the game.

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