Where should alliance members place their city?

Answer: Usually it is good close to other alliance members so you have more security. It’s also best to place on the lines of the border and not in the middle of a space as that will take up a spawning location for resources, barbarians, or take the space of someone else that may want to teleport there.

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to choosing the perfect location for alliance members’ cities in Rise of Kingdoms, there are a few important factors to consider. The placement of each member’s city can greatly impact the overall success of the alliance and its members’ individual gameplay experience. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Proximity to Alliance Territory: It is crucial for alliance members to place their cities within or near the alliance territory. This allows for easy communication, coordination, and reinforcement during battles and events. Being close to your alliance mates enhances the alliance’s overall strength and provides a sense of security.

2. Resource Availability: Location plays a vital role in resource gathering. Placing cities near resource-rich tiles such as forests, farms, quarries, and mineral deposits allows for efficient gathering and faster city development. It also helps alliance members contribute resources to alliance projects, technologies, and construction.

3. Proximity to Strongholds: Strongholds are strategic points that provide bonuses and benefits to nearby alliance members. Placing cities near strongholds can grant defensive and offensive advantages during KvK (Kingdom versus Kingdom) events. It allows for faster reinforcement and coordination, making battles more manageable.

4. Avoiding High-Traffic Areas: Placing cities away from high-traffic areas or near the borders can reduce the likelihood of frequent attacks from aggressive players or enemy alliances. Opting for relatively peaceful regions can provide a more stable and secure gameplay experience, allowing for uninterrupted growth and progression.

5. Distance from Barbarian Camps and Holy Sites: Cities should be located in a way that minimizes travel distance to barbarian camps and holy sites. Barbarian camps offer rewards and experience points for defeating barbarians, while holy sites provide bonus buffs and alliance-wide benefits. Proximity to these locations facilitates quick access and participation, boosting individual and alliance capabilities.

6. Terrain and Buffs: Terrain features like rivers and mountain ranges, as well as buffs provided by certain tiles, can influence battles and overall gameplay. Consider placing cities near defensive terrain or tiles that provide beneficial buffs during battles to gain an edge over opponents.

In conclusion, when choosing a location for their cities, alliance members should prioritize proximity to alliance territory, resource availability, strongholds, peaceful areas, proximity to barbarian camps and holy sites, as well as taking advantage of terrain features and buffs. By carefully considering these factors, alliance members can enhance their overall gameplay experience and contribute to the success of their alliance.

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