Whats the lowest power you can drop too if you dismiss all troops?

Answer: That would all depend on what tech you have researched and the what levels all of your buildings are. Assuming everything is level 25, and you have unlocked the majority of tech up to and including T5, then I would say you would be looking at around 40 million.

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, the lowest power you can drop to is zero if you dismiss all of your troops. When you dismiss your troops, they will no longer contribute to your power calculation, effectively reducing your power to the base level. However, it is important to note that dismissing all of your troops may have several consequences:

1. Vulnerability to Attacks: Without any troops, your city becomes extremely vulnerable to attacks from other players. It is crucial to have a strong military presence to defend your city and resources from potential invaders.

2. Inability to Gather Resources: Troops are essential for gathering resources in the game. Dismissing them means losing the ability to gather efficiently, hampering your growth and development.

3. Event Participation: Some events in the game require troops to participate and earn rewards. Dismissing all troops may result in missing out on valuable event rewards and bonuses.

4. Alliance Support: Being a part of an alliance is a significant aspect of Rise of Kingdoms. Dismissing all troops may make you less valuable to your alliance, as you won’t have the capacity to contribute to alliance activities or provide support during wars.

While dropping your power by dismissing troops may be a strategy in certain cases, it is generally not advisable to completely eliminate your military strength. It is always important to strike a balance between power, resource management, and strategic decisions in order to thrive in Rise of Kingdoms.

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