Where did the final battle between king Arthur and Mordred take place according to Arthurian legend?

Answer: Camlann

Some extra relevant information:

According to Arthurian legend, the final battle between King Arthur and Mordred took place at a site called Camlann. Camlann is said to be a battlefield located in Britain, although its exact location remains uncertain and is the subject of much speculation and debate.

In Arthurian lore, Camlann is portrayed as a place of great significance, as it marks the climax of Arthur’s story. The battle that took place at Camlann is often depicted as a tragic event, symbolizing the downfall of the legendary king and the end of the Arthurian era.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence regarding Camlann’s precise location, various theories have emerged over the centuries. Some scholars argue that Camlann is a fictional place created for the purposes of the legend, while others suggest potential real-life locations in England, such as Camelon in Scotland or even Camelford in Cornwall.

It is worth noting that Arthurian legends have been subject to many different interpretations and adaptations throughout history, leading to variations in details such as the exact location of Camlann. The legend of King Arthur and the battle at Camlann continues to captivate audiences, and the quest to uncover the truth behind its historical origins remains a fascinating topic of discussion among enthusiasts and researchers alike.

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