Combat 36 an important military technology what effect does it have in rise of Kingdom?

Answer: Increase attack of all units

Some extra relevant information:

In the highly popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, military technologies play a vital role in strengthening your armies and expanding your empire. One such essential technology is Combat 36. But what exactly is Combat 36, and what effect does it have on your gameplay?

Combat 36 is a military technology that players can unlock and research in the Academy. This technology focuses on enhancing and improving the combat abilities of your troops. Once you have researched Combat 36, it grants various bonuses and effects that significantly impact battles and overall military strategies.

One of the key benefits of Combat 36 is the increase in troop capacity. This means you can train and mobilize a larger number of soldiers to engage in battles. With more troops at your disposal, you can overwhelm your opponents and seize control of strategic locations or launch massive offensives.

In addition to troop capacity, Combat 36 also enhances your troops’ attributes. It boosts their attack, defense, and health, making them more formidable forces on the battlefield. Having stronger troops allows you to withstand enemy attacks, effectively defend your cities, or launch successful counter-attacks.

Furthermore, Combat 36 unlocks new troop formations and military strategies. These formations provide various tactical advantages and can be crucial in determining the outcome of battles. You can experiment with different formations to find the one that best suits your playstyle and desired outcomes.

As you progress through the game, you’ll inevitably encounter enemy players or barbarians with higher-powered troops. Having Combat 36 researched gives you a competitive edge in these encounters. The increased troop capacity, improved attributes, and diverse formations will give you a superior fighting force, enabling you to stand victorious against stronger opponents.

It is worth noting that Combat 36 is just one piece of the larger puzzle in Rise of Kingdoms. To truly excel in the game, players need to research a variety of military technologies and balance their development across different aspects, such as economy, infrastructure, and diplomacy.

In conclusion, Combat 36 is an essential military technology in Rise of Kingdoms that directly impacts the strength and capabilities of your troops. With increased troop capacity, enhanced attributes, and access to new formations, players gain a significant advantage in battles. So, don’t hesitate to prioritize researching Combat 36 and bolster your military might in the game.

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