When you leave an alliance and join another one, do you get to keep the individual credits you had on the former alliance?

Answer: You do not lose earned credits.

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to leaving an alliance and joining a new one in the game Rise of Kingdoms, you might wonder if you get to keep the individual credits you had in your former alliance. The answer to this question is no, you do not get to keep the individual credits earned in your previous alliance.

When you leave an alliance, any individual credits you have accumulated during your time there will be reset to zero. Individual credits are a measure of your personal contribution to the alliance, and they can be earned by participating in various alliance activities such as alliance donations, helping with alliance technologies, or participating in alliance events.

Upon joining a new alliance, you will start with a clean slate as your individual credits will reset to zero. This means that any progress or contributions you made in your previous alliance will not carry over. It is important to note that this does not reset the overall alliance credits, which are the cumulative points earned by the entire alliance.

However, joining a new alliance can present new opportunities for growth and collaboration with new teammates. As you engage and participate in activities within your new alliance, you will have the chance to earn individual credits and contribute to your new alliance’s progress. It is through these collective efforts that alliances can thrive and become stronger.

So, while you may not retain your individual credits when switching alliances, you can always build new alliances and work towards achieving common goals to strengthen your position in the game. Embrace these opportunities and engage with your new alliance members to create a rewarding and successful gaming experience.

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