How to craft equipment?

Answer: Crafting is done at the Blacksmith. Tap the Blacksmith building (or build it if you don’t have it already), then tap the furnace icon, you can then see what items can be forged.

Some extra relevant information:

Crafting equipment is an integral part of the gameplay in Rise of Kingdoms. It allows players to enhance their commanders’ stats and increase their power on the battlefield. If you’re new to the game or just want to learn more about the crafting process, this guide will walk you through the steps of crafting equipment.

1. Unlock the Equipment Crafting Building:
To start crafting equipment, you first need to construct the Equipment Crafting building in your city. You can find it in the Military section of the Buildings menu. Upgrade the building as you progress to unlock more advanced equipment options.

2. Gather Required Materials:
Equipment crafting requires certain materials called Blueprints, Material Chests, and Legendary Material Chests. These materials can be obtained through various in-game activities, such as Barbarian Forts, gathering resources, completing events, or purchasing them from special offers.

3. Choose Equipment Type:
Once you have the necessary materials, select the type of equipment you want to craft. There are six types: weapons, helmets, armor, boots, accessories, and off-hand items. Each equipment type offers different stat bonuses. Consider the needs of your commanders and their roles in battle when making a choice.

4. Craft the Equipment:
After selecting the equipment type, you will see a list of available equipment pieces. Choose the one that suits your needs and has the desired stats. Keep in mind that higher-level equipment offers better bonuses but requires more materials to craft.

5. Enhance and Upgrade:
Once you’ve crafted your equipment, it’s time to enhance and upgrade it further. Enhancements can be done using enhancement materials, which can be obtained through activities like exploring ancient ruins or participating in alliance quests. Enhancing your equipment will increase its base stats.

Upgrading equipment to higher tiers requires both upgrade materials and other equipment of the same type and tier. This process will significantly boost the equipment’s power and effectiveness.

6. Enchant Equipment:
Enchanting allows you to add additional stat bonuses to your equipment. To enchant an item, you’ll need Enchantment Materials, which can be found by participating in events or purchased from the VIP shop. Choose the enchantment that complements your commander’s skills and playstyle the best.

7. Reforge Equipment:
As your commanders grow stronger, you might want to reforge their equipment to keep up with their evolving needs. Reforging allows you to clear all enhancement stats and starting over with a new set of random stats. This will consume Reforging Tools, which can be acquired through various game events or special offers.

By following these steps, you can craft powerful equipment to equip your commanders and enhance your military prowess in Rise of Kingdoms. Experiment with different equipment types, stats, and enchantments to find the best combination for your gameplay style. Good luck on your journey to dominion!

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