When I attack a city in ROK how do you plunder resources?

Answer: After no troops left in city just attack that city again with gatherer like john of ark. Constance sarkar etc using siege units

Some extra relevant information:

When launching an attack on a city in Rise of Kingdoms (ROK), plundering resources is a crucial aspect of the battle. Plundering resources allows you to seize valuable assets, strengthening your own kingdom and weakening your adversaries. Here’s how you can effectively plunder resources when attacking a city in ROK.

1. Scout for Resourceful Cities: Before launching an attack, scout potential targets to identify cities that have ample resources. Look for cities with high-level resource buildings, such as farms, quarries, lumber mills, and gold mines. Choosing targets with abundant resources will maximize your plunder gains.

2. Deploy Siege Units: Siege units play a vital role in plundering resources. Include a substantial number of siege units in your attack party, such as Battering Rams or Siege Towers. These specialized units excel at breaching and ransacking enemy resource buildings, allowing you to plunder more efficiently.

3. Target Resource Buildings: Once your attack commences, focus your efforts on targeting the enemy’s resource buildings. Prioritize attacking farms, quarries, lumber mills, and gold mines to seize their respective resources. By damaging or capturing these buildings, you gain direct access to the plundered resources.

4. Utilize Your Commander Skills: The right commander skills can greatly enhance your resource-plundering capabilities. Select commanders with skills that boost gathering speed, carrying capacity, and resource looting. Commanders like Genghis Khan, Takeda Shingen, or Cao Cao have skills specifically designed to improve resource plundering.

5. Use Rally Attacks: Coordinating with alliance members or rallying your troops can significantly improve your chances of plundering resources successfully. Rallying involves multiple players attacking a target simultaneously, overwhelming the enemy defenses and increasing the odds of capturing resource-laden buildings.

6. Pillage Barbarian Forts: Attacking barbarian forts within enemy territory is another effective way to plunder resources. Barbarians accumulate resources over time, making them attractive targets. By defeating these forts, you can claim a portion of their collected resources for yourself.

7. Transporting Plundered Resources: Once you have successfully plundered resources, you need to transport them safely back to your own city. Assign gathering commanders to the rally and ensure you have an adequate number of transport capacity. Escort the resources back swiftly to prevent them from being intercepted by enemy forces.

Remember, plundering resources requires careful planning, strong commanders, and well-coordinated attacks. Keep an eye on your alliance’s target list, communicate and cooperate with your allies, and develop a strategy that maximizes your plundering potential. With these tactics in mind, you’ll be well on your way to building a prosperous kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms.

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