At which level do I permanently unlock a second building queue?

Answer: Level 22.

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, players are often curious about when they will be able to unlock a second building queue. Having a second building queue can be extremely beneficial as it allows players to construct multiple buildings simultaneously, saving time and accelerating progress in the game.

To permanently unlock a second building queue in Rise of Kingdoms, players must reach City Hall level 21. This means that once your City Hall reaches level 21, you will be able to construct two buildings at the same time, significantly boosting your productivity and efficiency.

It’s important to note that reaching City Hall level 21 is not an easy task and requires time, dedication, and strategic gameplay. Players must invest resources, complete various in-game tasks, and participate in events to level up their City Hall.

Building a strong city and advancing in Rise of Kingdoms involves careful planning and prioritizing which buildings to construct and upgrade. With a second building queue, players can continue to progress and expand their city while focusing on other essential aspects of the game, such as training troops, conducting research, and developing technologies.

Unlocking a second building queue brings a new level of flexibility and convenience to gameplay, allowing players to maximize their efficiency and overall progress in Rise of Kingdoms. So, keep pushing forward, upgrade your City Hall to level 21, and enjoy the benefits of having two building queues at your disposal.

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