When does the events start in a kingdom?

Answer: Events start all the time in Rise of Kingdoms. Check the notepad on the top right of the game screen, at the top of that section will show the event calendar for the week.

Some extra relevant information:

In the strategic mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms, events play a crucial role in progressing and gaining rewards. These events are a great way for players to engage in various activities and earn valuable resources. If you’re wondering when these events start in a kingdom, let’s dive into the details.

The timing of events in Rise of Kingdoms largely depends on the actions and decisions of the players themselves. A new kingdom is usually created when a certain number of players reach the required power level. Once a kingdom is formed, events will begin to occur regularly.

Most kingdoms start experiencing events within the first few days of their creation. These initial events serve as an introduction to different game mechanics and offer rewards to help players jumpstart their progress. Players can expect events like the “Lost Kingdom Preparation” event, which guides them towards unlocking new features and preparing for monumental battles.

After these initial events, a consistent cycle of events begins to unfold in the kingdom. These events can last for hours, days, or even weeks, and fall into various categories. Some events focus on gathering resources, such as “More Than Gems” and “Kingdom Tycoon,” while others concentrate on battles and strategic alliances, such as the “Mightiest Governor” and “KvK” (Kingdom versus Kingdom) events.

The frequency of events varies from kingdom to kingdom, but typically, multiple events occur within a week. This gives players plenty of opportunities to participate and reap the rewards. The schedule and timing of events are often announced in advance, allowing players to plan their activities and allocate their resources accordingly.

It’s important to note that events in Rise of Kingdoms are not solely limited to individual players. Kingdom-wide events require coordinated efforts of multiple alliances and players, fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration within the kingdom. These events contribute to the overall growth and development of the kingdom as a whole.

In conclusion, events in Rise of Kingdoms begin shortly after the creation of a kingdom and continue to occur regularly throughout its lifespan. These events provide players with exciting challenges, rewards, and opportunities to progress and compete with others. So, be prepared to engage in a variety of events and make the most of them to bolster your empire.

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