What do you have to do to earn Witness Protection achievement?

Answer: Change your nickname 10 times

Some extra relevant information:

To earn the Witness Protection achievement in the popular game Rise of Kingdoms, players need to successfully protect their alliance’s alliance resource points from being captured by other players. This achievement is particularly challenging as it requires a combination of strategic planning, effective communication, and swift action.

Here are the key steps you need to take to earn the Witness Protection achievement:

1. Join an alliance: The first step is to join an active and well-coordinated alliance. Being part of a strong alliance will provide you with the necessary support and resources to defend your alliance resource points.

2. Locate resource points: Identify the resource points that your alliance owns on the map. These points include gold mines, farms, quarries, and lumber mills. It is crucial to keep a close eye on their status as they can be targeted by other players looking to gain resources for their own progression.

3. Strengthen resource points: Prioritize upgrading and reinforcing your alliance resource points. Build defensive structures such as watchtowers and fortresses to enhance their protection capabilities. Regularly check their levels and upgrade them whenever possible to increase their resilience against enemy attacks.

4. Coordinate with alliance members: Effective communication is vital to successfully earning the Witness Protection achievement. Stay in constant touch with your alliance members and create a dedicated chat group to discuss any potential threats or attacks. Collaborate on defensive strategies and share information about enemy movements.

5. Deploy troops strategically: Assign troops to guard your alliance’s resource points. Analyze the power and abilities of your opponents before deploying your forces. Ensure a balanced distribution of troops and maintain a sufficient number of reinforcements to swiftly counter any attacks.

6. Monitor the map: Keep a close eye on the game’s map to spot any enemy forces approaching your resource points. Maintain a vigilant presence and be ready to respond to any incoming attacks. Timely intervention can make a significant difference in defending your resource points.

7. Coordinate counter-attacks: If your resource points come under attack, rally your alliance members to defend them. Launch coordinated counter-attacks against the enemy forces to discourage further attempts. Remember, unity and teamwork are key to repelling attacks successfully.

8. Seek alliances and support: Forge alliances with other alliances on the map who share common enemies or goals. Collaborating with like-minded alliances can provide additional strength and protection against potential attackers.

9. Learn from defeats: It is essential to learn from both victories and defeats. Analyze any failed defense attempts and identify weaknesses in your strategy. Adapt and refine your defensive tactics accordingly to improve your chances of success in future battles.

By following these steps, communicating effectively with your alliance members, and leveraging strategic planning, you can earn the Witness Protection achievement in Rise of Kingdoms. Remember, perseverance and a well-coordinated defense are crucial for victory in this challenging endeavor. Good luck!

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