When achilles refuses to fight, patroclus puts on achilles armor, fights the trojans, and dies, who is patroclus killed by?

Answer: Hector

Some extra relevant information:

When Achilles refused to fight during the Trojan War, his dear friend Patroclus stepped up to the plate. To honor and protect Achilles’ honor, Patroclus decided to don the armor of Achilles himself and lead the Greek soldiers into battle against the Trojans. Unfortunately, this act of bravery ultimately led to Patroclus’ demise.

In the heat of the battle, Patroclus fought valiantly, driving back the Trojan forces with his immense skill and courage. However, he caught the attention of Hector, the Trojan prince and greatest warrior of the Trojan army. Hector, determined to avenge his fallen comrades and capture Achilles’ armor, engaged Patroclus in a fierce duel.

Despite his best efforts, Patroclus was overwhelmed by Hector’s superior strength and skill on the battlefield. With a swift strike of his spear, Hector fatally wounded Patroclus, ending his life. This devastating loss sent shockwaves through the Greek army and plunged Achilles into deep sorrow and rage, ultimately leading him to rejoin the battle to avenge his fallen friend.

It is important to note that while Hector was the one who dealt the killing blow, the loss can be attributed to Achilles’ refusal to fight. This decision indirectly led to the death of Patroclus, as he took on Achilles’ armor and assumed his role in battle. The death of Patroclus had a profound impact on the outcome of the Trojan War, serving as a catalyst for Achilles’ return to the battlefield and the subsequent downfall of Troy.

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