What does the purple star above my teleport location mean?

Answer: I don’t think it means anything. I’ve never had that. Maybe it is a beginner teleport?

Some extra relevant information:

The purple star that you see above your teleport location in the Rise of Kingdoms game holds significant importance. It indicates that your current teleportation spot is within the vicinity of a high-value resource node or an alliance fortress.

In Rise of Kingdoms, resource nodes are crucial for your city’s growth and development. They provide you with essential resources like food, wood, and stone to construct buildings and train troops. These nodes come in different levels, with higher-level nodes offering better rewards. When you see the purple star above your chosen teleportation location, it means that you have successfully secured a spot near one of these valuable resource nodes.

Additionally, the purple star can also signify the presence of an alliance fortress. Alliances are a crucial aspect of the game, allowing players to collaborate, share resources, and participate in alliance-based events. The alliance fortress serves as a fortified stronghold that provides protection and various benefits to its members. If you spot a purple star above your teleportation choice, it means that you are situated close to an alliance fortress, further enhancing the strategic advantages for your alliance.

In summary, the purple star above your teleport location in Rise of Kingdoms indicates that you have selected a spot near a high-value resource node or an alliance fortress. This marks an excellent opportunity for resource gathering or alliance coordination, enabling you to progress and thrive in the game. Make the most of these favorable teleport locations and strategically plan your next moves to dominate the world of Rise of Kingdoms.

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