When a governors city hall reaches level 25 how many farms can they build?

Answer: A governor can build a maximum of 35 farms when their city hall reaches level 25.

Some extra relevant information:

When a governor’s City Hall reaches Level 25 in Rise of Kingdoms, they are able to build a maximum of 4 farms. Farms are essential structures in the game that generate food, which is a crucial resource for various activities such as troop training and research.

As you progress in the game and upgrade your City Hall, the number of farms you can construct increases. Starting from Level 1, governors can build a single farm. With each subsequent upgrade of the City Hall, an additional farm slot becomes available. At Level 15, governors can construct 2 farms, and at Level 20, they can build up to 3 farms. Finally, upon reaching Level 25, governors can unlock the maximum number of farms, which is 4.

Building and upgrading farms strategically is important to ensure a steady supply of food for the activities in your city. It is advisable to allocate enough land for farms early on, anticipating the higher food requirements as your city expands and your troops grow in number. Upgrading your farms and researching relevant technologies will also help increase their output.

Remember, managing your resources effectively and planning ahead is crucial to thrive in Rise of Kingdoms. So make sure to prioritize the construction and upgrading of farms to support your city’s growth and the needs of your armies!

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