What is Commander Hermann good at?

Answer: Commander Hermann is good at leading archer units and has skills that decrease enemy attack and increase his own archer attack.

Some extra relevant information:

Commander Hermann is a well-rounded commander in Rise of Kingdoms, excelling in various aspects of the game. With his unique skill set and versatile abilities, Hermann proves to be a valuable asset for players in different game modes, such as gathering, defending, and even in battles.

One of the main strengths of Commander Hermann lies in his expertise in gathering resources. His talent tree offers various skills that boost resource gathering speed, efficiency, and capacity. With his expertise in gathering, players can maximize their resource production, allowing for faster progress and development within the game.

In addition to gathering, Hermann also possesses remarkable defensive capabilities. His active skill, Tactical Retreat, deals a significant amount of damage to enemy troops while simultaneously reducing the attack of the enemy rally. This skill is particularly useful when defending against multiple enemy attacks, as it provides counter-offensive damage while weakening the enemy forces.

Furthermore, Hermann has a strong debuffing capability, making him a formidable commander in battles. His expertise in the Integration talent tree allows him to reduce the enemy’s rage, which hampers their ability to activate powerful skills. By restraining the enemy’s rage generation, Hermann can disrupt their strategies, weakening their overall effectiveness on the battlefield.

Another aspect where Commander Hermann shines is in his versatility as a secondary commander. His skills synergize well with primary commanders from different archetypes, making him a suitable choice for various team compositions. Whether it be a cavalry, archer, or infantry-focused army, Hermann can adapt and support the primary commander’s skills, boosting overall damage output and survivability.

In conclusion, Commander Hermann is a versatile commander suitable for various game modes in Rise of Kingdoms. From gathering resources efficiently to providing defensive support and debuffing enemies, Hermann’s skill set allows players to effectively progress and compete in the game. Consider investing in Hermann’s skills and talents to enhance your overall gameplay experience.

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