Whats the best way to level up commander?

Answer: You’ll need to level up your commander by collecting tomes of knowledge. You get these by attacking barbarians and barbarian forts on the map.

Some extra relevant information:

Leveling up commanders in Rise of Kingdoms is crucial to strengthen your army and unlock powerful skills. While there are several ways to level up commanders, here are some of the best and most effective methods:

1. Completing Daily Quests and Events: Participating in daily quests and events can provide you with experience points (XP) and various rewards. Make sure to complete as many quests as possible to maximize your commander’s XP gain.

2. Killing Barbarians: Engaging in battles with barbarians not only yields valuable resources but also grants commander XP. Focus on targeting higher-level barbarians for increased XP gains.

3. Participating in Expeditions: Expeditions allow you to join allied forces and battle against various AI-controlled cities. By successfully defeating these cities, you can earn valuable commander XP along with other rewards.

4. Utilizing Tomes, Stars, and Sculptures: Tomes, Stars, and Sculptures are special items that provide significant XP boosts to commanders. Use them strategically to maximize your commander’s leveling progress. Reserve these items for legendary commanders or those you plan to specialize in.

5. Upgrading Skills: Each time you upgrade a commander’s skill, you earn XP. Prioritize upgrading skills that have “Skill XP” bonuses to gain additional commander XP. Be mindful of the skill requirements and plan your upgrades accordingly.

6. Utilizing Commander XP Boosters: Commander XP Boosters are items that significantly increase the commander XP gained from battles and other activities. Activate these boosters during events or when grinding for XP to level up your commanders faster.

7. Joining an Active Alliance: Being part of an active alliance can offer various benefits, including alliance-wide events and buffs that grant increased commander XP. Participate in alliance activities and take advantage of these benefits.

8. Participating in Ark of Osiris: The Ark of Osiris is an alliance-based PvP event where you battle against other alliances. Engaging in battles during this event can yield commander XP along with other rewards.

Remember, commanders need to be constantly leveled up to unlock new skills and enhance their effectiveness on the battlefield. Utilize these methods to efficiently level up your commanders and strengthen your overall gameplay in Rise of Kingdoms.

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