How do you successfully merge alliances? Do you have to then use one name?

Answer: Usually, people leave one alliance and then join another. Or you could start a new allaince with a new name and all join that one.

Some extra relevant information:

Successfully merging alliances in Rise of Kingdoms requires careful planning, coordination, and effective communication among alliance leaders and members. While merging alliances can be a complex process, it can lead to improved strength, shared resources, and a stronger overall presence in the game.

Here are some key steps to successfully merge alliances:

1. Find Compatible Alliances: Look for alliances that share similar goals, strategies, and playstyles. This will ensure a smoother transition and minimize conflicts. Consider alliances with active and dedicated players who are willing to work together towards common objectives.

2. Establish Communication Channels: Before initiating the merge, set up dedicated communication channels to facilitate discussions, negotiations, and decision-making. Platforms like Discord or Line can be useful for this purpose. Effective communication is vital to ensure everyone involved is on the same page.

3. Develop a Merger Plan: Create a detailed plan outlining the terms of the merger. This should include factors such as leadership structure, alliance rules, event participation, resource sharing, and overall goals. It’s important to address potential conflicts and provide a fair framework for all members involved.

4. Select Leadership: Decide on a leadership structure for the merged alliance. This can involve retaining leaders from both alliances or electing new leaders through a voting process. The key is to choose leaders who are capable, experienced, and willing to take on the responsibilities of guiding the merged alliance.

5. Merge Territories: If both alliances own territory in the game, it’s crucial to plan the transfer of control smoothly. This may involve a temporary ceasefire, negotiations with neighboring alliances, and coordinated efforts to secure and defend your combined territories.

6. Encourage Member Integration: Facilitate the integration of members from both alliances by encouraging open dialogues, friendly competitions, and joint activities. This will help foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among the merged alliance members.

Regarding the alliance name, it is not necessary to change it after the merge. Many alliances choose to keep their original names to maintain their identity and honor their history. However, if both alliances agree, a new name can be chosen to symbolize the merging of forces and the birth of a stronger alliance.

In conclusion, successfully merging alliances in Rise of Kingdoms requires careful planning, effective communication, and a fair and transparent decision-making process. By following these steps, you can navigate the complexities of a merge and create a united and powerful alliance.

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