What it the best Richard 1 talent tree?

Answer: If you do not have Charles Martel, go infantry then defense. If you have Charles, make either Richard or Charles an infantry/defense commander while the other one has a garrison defender build.

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to choosing the talent tree for Richard I in Rise of Kingdoms, there are a few viable options depending on your playstyle and objectives. Richard I is a formidable commander known for his strong defense and infantry-focused abilities. Here are some talent tree builds to consider for him:

1. Infantry Commander: This talent tree build maximizes Richard I’s potential as an infantry commander, making him a formidable tank and supporter for your troops. Allocate points in the Infantry tree to enhance his infantry stats such as attack, defense, and health. Focus on talents like “Undying Fury” and “Hold the Line” to boost his tankiness and provide healing to his troops. Additionally, invest in the Support tree to improve his support skills, such as “Hidden Wrath” and “Rallying Cry.” This build is suitable if you primarily use infantry troops and want Richard I to serve as the backbone of your army.

2. Garrison Commander: Richard I excels in defending cities and structures, making him a solid garrison commander. In this talent tree build, prioritize the Garrison tree to enhance his garrison skills and fortification abilities. Talents like “City Guardian” and “Impregnable Defense” will significantly boost his defensive capabilities. Supplement this with talents from the Infantry tree to strengthen his infantry troops and talents from the Support tree to improve his support abilities. This build is ideal if you want Richard I to defend your cities or structures effectively.

3. Mixed Troop Commander: If you prefer a versatile build that works well with different troop types, a hybrid talent tree build is a good option. Allocate points across the Infantry, Cavalry, and Support trees to enhance Richard I’s stats and abilities for various troop types. Prioritize talents that boost troop capacity, as well as those that provide a bonus to both infantry and cavalry units. This build is suitable if you have a diverse mix of troops within your army and want Richard I to be adaptable in different battle scenarios.

Remember, talent tree builds are subjective, and the ideal build for Richard I may vary based on your gameplay style and specific objectives. Experiment with different builds, consider your preferred troop type, and adapt your talent tree accordingly to optimize Richard I’s potential on the battlefield.

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