Apart from “times you can be helped” and “power”, which of the following alliance center parameters can also be upgraded?

Answer: Reinforcement troop capacity

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, the alliance center is a crucial building that serves as the heart of every alliance. It not only provides various benefits to its members but also acts as a central hub for alliance activities. While the number of times you can be helped and your power are important alliance center parameters, there are additional aspects that you can upgrade to enhance your alliance further.

1. Alliance Technology: Upgrading your alliance technology unlocks valuable research options that benefit all members of the alliance. These technologies can provide boosts in areas such as resource gathering, combat effectiveness, construction speed, and more. By investing in alliance technology, you can significantly strengthen your alliance and gain an edge over your enemies.

2. Alliance Fortifications: As the alliance center levels up, you can upgrade your alliance fortifications. This enhances the defensive capabilities of your alliance’s structures, including your alliance flags and alliance territory. Upgrading fortifications not only provides better protection against enemy attacks but also increases your chances of successfully defending your territory.

3. Alliance Shop: The alliance center also houses the alliance shop, where members can exchange alliance credits for various items. Upgrading the alliance shop increases the variety and quality of items available for purchase. These items can include speed-ups, resource packs, and other useful items that can aid in your progression within the game.

4. Alliance Passports: Upgrading your alliance center allows you to unlock and upgrade alliance passports. Alliance passports grant access to alliance resource points, which are essential for gathering valuable resources. The higher the level of your alliance passports, the more resource points you can access, thus increasing your ability to gather resources efficiently.

By focusing on upgrading these alliance center parameters, you can ensure the growth and prosperity of your alliance. Remember, a strong alliance translates to a stronger collective force and increased chances of success in the ever-expanding world of Rise of Kingdoms.

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