What is UTC?

Answer: UTC Time is the default time used in Rise of Kingdoms, use Google to see what UTC Time is for you currently and then you’ll find out the time difference between UTC and your own time zone.

Some extra relevant information:

UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time. It is a global time standard used by various sectors such as technology, aviation, and telecommunications. UTC is based on atomic time and is highly precise, ensuring accuracy across different time zones.

Before the adoption of UTC, different regions used their own local time standards, which caused confusion when communicating and coordinating activities internationally. To ensure uniformity, UTC was established by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in the 1960s.

UTC is similar to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which was a time standard based on solar time at the Greenwich Meridian in London, England. However, UTC is more precise and does not account for Earth’s irregular rotation. Instead, it uses highly accurate atomic clocks to measure time.

UTC is represented in a 24-hour format, with the time zone offset from UTC designated by a “+” or “-” followed by the number of hours ahead or behind. For example, UTC+2 means two hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time, while UTC-5 means five hours behind.

One of the significant advantages of using UTC is its compatibility with global communication and synchronization systems such as the internet, satellites, and air traffic control. Additionally, it serves as a common reference point for scheduling events, coordinating international meetings, and operating time-sensitive systems.

In the Rise of Kingdoms game, UTC is often used for events and activities that span across multiple time zones. By utilizing UTC as a reference, players from various regions can easily determine the exact starting and ending times of events, ensuring fairness and equal participation for all.

Overall, UTC is a vital global time standard that facilitates worldwide coordination, communication, and synchronization. Its accuracy and universality make it an essential tool in various industries and systems, including the realm of gaming, where it helps create an equitable and inclusive experience for players worldwide.

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