What is the name for the phenomenon by which organisms that are better adapted to the environment survive to pass traits to their offspring?

Answer: Natural Selection

Some extra relevant information:

The phenomenon by which organisms that are better adapted to the environment survive to pass traits to their offspring is known as natural selection. Natural selection is a fundamental principle in the field of biology and plays a crucial role in the process of evolution.

To understand natural selection, we must first grasp the concept of adaptation. Adaptation refers to the ability of an organism to adjust and thrive in a particular environment. Various factors such as climate, food availability, predators, and competition influence an organism’s ability to adapt.

In every population, there is a diversity of traits due to genetic variation. Some traits may provide advantages that allow certain individuals to better survive and reproduce. These advantageous traits can be inherited by their offspring, increasing the overall frequency of the trait within the population over time.

Natural selection occurs in several steps. Firstly, there is genetic variation within a population. This means that individuals differ in terms of traits and characteristics due to differences in their genetic makeup. Next, there are selective pressures present in the environment that determine which traits are beneficial or detrimental to an organism’s survival and reproductive success.

Individuals with traits that confer advantages are more likely to survive and reproduce, passing on their advantageous traits to the next generation. Over successive generations, these beneficial traits become more prevalent within the population, as individuals without these traits are less likely to survive and reproduce.

It’s important to note that natural selection does not necessarily result in “perfection” or a constant upward progression. It simply favors traits that enhance survival and reproductive success within a specific environment at a given time. As environments change, different traits may become advantageous, leading to adaptation and evolution over time.

Natural selection is a cornerstone of evolutionary biology, explaining how species adapt to their environments and why organisms possess certain traits. By better understanding this phenomenon, we can gain insights into the remarkable diversity and complexity of life on our planet.

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