Does shadow legion attack and kill gatherers?

Answer: No. They only attack a governer’s city.

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, the Shadow Legion is a formidable enemy that players must contend with. As one would expect from such a powerful force, they pose a threat to gatherers who roam the map in search of resources. However, it is important to note that the Shadow Legion does not directly target or specifically hunt down gatherers.

The primary objective of the Shadow Legion is to attack and occupy other players’ cities, as well as the neutral Barbarian forts and shrines. They are always on the move, looking to expand their territory and wreak havoc wherever they go. While doing so, they may encounter gatherers on the map, but they do not actively chase after them.

That being said, gatherers must exercise caution when near Shadow Legion-controlled areas or known hotspots for their activities. The Shadow Legion can attack gatherers if they happen to be in the same vicinity during their march or while battling other players. In such cases, gatherers may become collateral damage or unintended casualties of the Legion’s aggression.

To protect gatherers from harm, players should always keep a vigilant eye on the map, observing the movements of the Shadow Legion. If they spot Legion forces approaching gatherers’ locations, it is advisable to recall them to safety or move them to a different region altogether. It is crucial to ensure the safety of gatherers, as they play a vital role in resource acquisition and the growth of players’ cities.

In conclusion, while the Shadow Legion does not actively seek out gatherers, they can pose a threat to them indirectly. Players must remain cautious and take proactive measures to protect their gatherers from potential harm by monitoring the Legion’s movements and swiftly recalling or relocating them if necessary.

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