What is drillmaster buff?

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In Rise of Kingdoms, the drillmaster buff is a crucial aspect of improving the training speed of your troops. This buff can significantly enhance your military strength and efficiency during battles.

The drillmaster buff is a type of temporary boost that can be activated by assigning a commander to the Drill Grounds. This structure is found in the Alliance Fortress or individual player’s City Hall once it reaches level 17.

When a commander is stationed at the Drill Grounds, they can provide a drillmaster buff to troops under training in the Barracks, Archery Range, and Stable. This buff increases the training speed of all their troops stationed in the city, allowing you to amass a formidable army in a shorter time period.

The duration and effectiveness of the drillmaster buff depend on the level of the Drill Grounds and the expertise of the assigned commander. Higher-level Drill Grounds allow for longer buff durations, while a commander with higher expertise will provide a more potent training speed boost.

To activate the drillmaster buff, select a commander with a high drillmaster skill level and assign them to the Drill Grounds. Once activated, the drillmaster buff will affect the training speed of all troops being trained in the city until the buff expires.

It is essential to strategically time the activation of the drillmaster buff to maximize its benefits. Coordinate with your alliance members or plan ahead to ensure that the buff is working during critical moments such as war or major battles.

In summary, the drillmaster buff in Rise of Kingdoms plays a crucial role in enhancing the training speed of your troops. By assigning a commander to the Drill Grounds, you can significantly reduce the time needed to amass a powerful army. Utilizing the drillmaster buff effectively can give you a significant advantage in various aspects of the game, allowing you to dominate your opponents.

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