Do you keep your resources if you change alliances?

Answer: Yes

Some extra relevant information:

One of the common concerns for players in Rise of Kingdoms is whether they get to keep their resources when they switch alliances. The answer to this question is relatively straightforward: Yes, you do keep your resources if you change alliances.

When you decide to switch alliances in the game, you might be worried about losing the hard-earned resources you have accumulated. However, the game developers have ensured that players do not face such losses. Regardless of the reason for leaving your current alliance, your resources will remain intact.

This safeguard is in place to ensure that players can move freely between different alliances without the fear of losing their progress. It allows players to explore other alliance options or find a better fit for their gameplay style and objectives.

It’s important to mention that while your resources are retained, some other aspects may change when you switch alliances. For example, you may lose your alliance technology progress, gifts, or titles earned within your previous alliance. However, these are separate from your actual resources and can be regained with time and effort in your new alliance.

To summarize, switching alliances in Rise of Kingdoms does not result in the loss of your hard-earned resources. This provides players with the flexibility to explore different alliance options to enrich their gaming experience without worrying about setbacks in their resource accumulation.

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