What is commander Baybars best skill?

Answer: Baybars’ best skill is “Horsemen’s Ambush.”

Some extra relevant information:

Commander Baybars is a legendary cavalry commander in the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms. With his exceptional skills and unique abilities, Baybars is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Among his impressive skill set, one skill stands out as the best – “Dance of the Blades.”

“Dance of the Blades” is Baybars’ active skill, which deals direct damage to up to three enemy targets in a fan-shaped area. This skill also reduces the target’s rage by 50, making it harder for them to use their powerful skills during battles. The damage caused by Baybars’ “Dance of the Blades” increases with every upgrade, making him deadlier as he progresses.

The best thing about the “Dance of the Blades” skill is its versatility. It can be used both for offensive and defensive purposes, allowing Baybars to engage in devastating attacks while disrupting the enemy’s strategy. By targeting multiple enemies, Baybars can quickly eliminate weaker units, weaken enemy commanders, or simply create chaos among the enemy ranks.

Additionally, the rage reduction effect of “Dance of the Blades” makes it highly valuable in countering enemy commanders who rely heavily on their skills. By depriving them of rage, Baybars can hinder the enemy’s ability to turn the tides of battle, giving his allies a significant advantage.

Commander Baybars’ “Dance of the Blades” skill truly showcases his prowess as a skilled cavalry commander. It allows him to deal significant damage, disrupt enemy strategies, and control the tempo of battles. If utilized effectively, this skill can turn the tide of battles in favor of Baybars and his allies, making it one of his best skills in Rise of Kingdoms.

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