How to I increase my VIP level?

Answer: You’ll need to collect VIP points, the most obvious way is to purchase these with gems, but you’ll soon run out of gems if you do that.

Some extra relevant information:

VIP level is a crucial aspect in Rise of Kingdoms that offers various benefits and privileges to players. By increasing your VIP level, you can unlock exclusive bonuses and enjoy enhanced gameplay experiences. Here are some effective ways to boost your VIP level in the game.

1. Daily Tasks: Complete daily tasks and objectives to earn VIP points. These tasks are usually simple and can be easily accomplished. Consistently finish your daily tasks to accumulate VIP points over time.

2. Purchasing Gems: One of the primary methods to increase your VIP level is by purchasing gems with real money. With each gem purchase, you receive VIP points based on the amount spent. Higher-priced gem packs usually provide more VIP points, allowing for faster VIP level progression.

3. Daily Login Rewards: Make sure to log in to the game every day to claim your daily rewards. Often, these rewards include VIP points, helping you increase your VIP level over time.

4. Completing Events: Participate actively in in-game events and complete the associated tasks to earn VIP points. Events frequently offer generous amounts of VIP points as rewards, allowing players to level up their VIP status.

5. Alliance Gifts: In Rise of Kingdoms, joining an active alliance can offer numerous benefits, including receiving alliance gifts. These gifts often include VIP points, which can significantly contribute to increasing your VIP level. Make sure to contribute to your alliance and receive gifts regularly.

6. VIP Chests: Occasionally, the game offers VIP chests that can be obtained by completing certain tasks or participating in specific events. These chests often contain VIP points, among other rewards. Keep an eye out for these chests and claim them whenever they become available.

7. Quests and Achievements: Engage in quests and focus on completing achievements as they often award VIP points. Thoroughly explore the game’s quest system and work towards achieving different milestones for VIP point gains.

8. Time-Limited Offers: Periodically, Rise of Kingdoms presents time-limited offers that provide VIP points as part of the package. Take advantage of these limited-time deals to boost your VIP level quickly.

Remember, increasing your VIP level requires consistency, dedication, and sometimes financial investments. However, always prioritize your budget and spend wisely. By employing these strategies, you can steadily raise your VIP level in Rise of Kingdoms and enjoy the exclusive benefits it brings to your gameplay.

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