What happens when you reset the talents of your commander?

Answer: You just get all of the talent points back that you have used for the commander so you can utilize them again in any way you want.

Some extra relevant information:

Resetting the talents of your commander in Rise of Kingdoms can be a game-changing decision for players looking to optimize their strategy or adapt to new challenges. When you choose to reset the talents of your commander, several things happen.

Firstly, all the talent points that you have previously invested in your commander’s talent tree are refunded. This means that you can start fresh and reallocate those points to different talents, giving you the opportunity to experiment with different builds or focus on specific aspects of your commander’s abilities.

Secondly, resetting talents allows you to tailor your commander’s skills to better suit your current needs. Whether you want to specialize in gathering resources, strengthen your battle prowess, or enhance your support abilities, resetting talents offers the flexibility to adjust your commander’s playstyle.

Resetting talents also gives you the chance to correct any mistakes or suboptimal choices you may have made in the past. As you progress in the game and gain more experience, you might discover better talent combinations that align with your gameplay preferences or offer a more efficient approach to various game modes.

However, it’s important to note that resetting talents requires a resource called Talent Resets, which are not always readily available. Therefore, it’s wise to plan your talent build carefully and avoid frequent resets unless absolutely necessary. Make sure to consider your personal playstyle, the type of commander you have, and your overall strategy when deciding to reset talents.

In conclusion, resetting the talents of your commander offers a fresh start and the opportunity to optimize your gameplay. It allows you to reallocate talent points, tailor your commander’s skills to specific tasks, and correct any previous mistakes. However, because talent resets are a valuable resource, it’s crucial to plan your talent build wisely and use resets judiciously.

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