What happens when people block you? Will you still see that person in alliance chat?

Answer: You have to block them to not see them if they block you they just can’t see ur chats

Some extra relevant information:

When someone blocks you in Rise of Kingdoms, it can have a significant impact on your interactions within the game. Blocking a player essentially means that they have chosen to prevent any further communication with you.

One of the immediate effects of being blocked is that you will no longer be able to send messages to the person who blocked you. Any attempts to do so will be unsuccessful, and your messages will not be delivered. Similarly, you will not receive any messages, whispers, or notifications from that player either.

Moreover, when someone blocks you, you will not be able to see their messages or activities in the alliance chat. Their contributions, messages, and any other form of interaction will become invisible to you. So, you may miss out on important discussions or announcements related to that player if they are actively participating in alliance activities or events.

It is worth noting that blocking someone is a personal choice and does not affect the game mechanics or your progress directly. It primarily affects your ability to communicate and interact with the blocked player. The rest of the gameplay, including your alliance involvement, events, and progress, will continue as usual.

In summary, when someone blocks you in Rise of Kingdoms, you will lose the ability to send messages to them, receive any communication from them, and see their activities in the alliance chat. It is crucial to respect each other’s boundaries and use the block feature responsibly to ensure a positive gaming experience for everyone involved.

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