How to find a city’s location in rise of kingdoms?

Answer: Depend if it’s in your alliance then you can send resource assistance to find out the location. If not then you must find it manually.

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, locating a city is an essential skill for players to explore the game world and interact with other players. Whether you are looking to join a specific alliance, launch an attack on an enemy city, or simply want to explore new territories, finding a city’s location is crucial.

To find a city’s location in Rise of Kingdoms, you can follow these steps:

1. Kingdom Map: Open the game and access the Kingdom Map. This map provides an overview of the game world and displays various cities, resources, barbarian forts, and other points of interest.

2. Zoom In: Zoom in on the Kingdom Map to get a closer look at individual cities. You can use your fingers to pinch and expand on the map screen to adjust the level of zoom according to your preference.

3. City Icon: Look for the city icon on the map. Cities are represented by icons with unique colors and shapes. These icons typically indicate the player’s city level or alliance affiliation. Tap on the city icon to view more details about the city and the player who owns it.

4. Coordinates: If you know the coordinates of the city you are looking for, you can enter the specific coordinates in the Search Bar. This method allows you to locate a city accurately and quickly. The coordinates consist of a combination of numbers and letters and can be obtained from other players or alliance members.

5. Alliance Assistance: Seek assistance from your alliance members. If you are part of an alliance, you can ask your alliance mates for the location of a specific city. They may have scouted or encountered the city before and can provide you with helpful information.

6. Scouting: Deploy scouts to discover cities in your vicinity. By sending out scouts, you can explore the surrounding areas and reveal information about nearby cities. This information includes the city’s coordinates, owner, power level, and defensive troops stationed within the city.

Remember that finding a city’s location is only the first step in interacting with it. Once you have the location, you can choose to teleport your city nearby, send troops for an attack or rally, establish trade routes, or engage in diplomatic communications with the city’s owner. Make sure to strategize and plan your actions accordingly to achieve your goals in Rise of Kingdoms.

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