What are the time slots for Ark of Osiris?

Answer: Saturday 13:00 UTC, 15:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, the Ark of Osiris is a special alliance versus alliance event that allows players to compete for control of the ark, a powerful relic that grants numerous bonuses and benefits. To participate in this event, it is crucial to be aware of the designated time slots during which the Ark of Osiris takes place.

The Ark of Osiris event is available twice a week, allowing players ample opportunities to engage in fierce battles and strategic gameplay. However, it is essential to note that the event is scheduled based on specific time zones, and the time slots may vary depending on the server or region in which you are playing.

Generally, the Ark of Osiris event takes place on Saturdays and Sundays, with each day having two available time slots. These time slots are designed to accommodate players from different regions, ensuring that people from various time zones can participate in the event.

The first time slot usually starts around 05:00 UTC and extends for a couple of hours. The second time slot typically begins around 17:00 UTC and lasts for a similar duration. These timings are to provide players with flexibility and enable a larger player base to join the event.

It is crucial for players to communicate and coordinate with their alliance members and leaders to determine which time slot is most suitable for their team. By doing so, alliances can maximize their participation and increase their chances of acquiring and holding the precious Ark of Osiris.

Remember, participating in the Ark of Osiris event not only offers the opportunity to win rewards but also allows players to test their strategic skills and teamwork. So, mark your calendars, coordinate with your alliance, and prepare to conquer the Ark of Osiris in Rise of Kingdoms during the designated time slots.

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