What are the best talent tree & pairing for Charles Martel?

Answer: It really depends how you want to use him. If you want him to be your garrison commander, then select all of his garrison talents, and with the talent points you have left, select some of the defense talent points.

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to the best talent tree and pairing for Charles Martel in the game Rise of Kingdoms, there are a few options to consider. Charles Martel is a powerful commander known for his defensive capabilities and versatility on the battlefield. Here are the recommended talent tree and pairing for Charles Martel:

Talent Tree:
1. Infantry: Focusing on the Infantry talent tree is the most common and effective strategy for Charles Martel. This tree enhances his defensive capabilities and allows him to excel in infantry battles. Prioritize talents such as “Undying Fury” and “Hold the Line” to increase his tankiness and counterattack damage.

2. Support: Another viable option is to invest in the Support talent tree, which enhances Charles Martel’s supportive abilities. This tree provides bonuses to healing, damage reduction, and rage restoration. Key talents to consider are “Tactical Mastery” and “Latent Power” to improve his durability and skill effectiveness.

1. Richard I: Pairing Charles Martel with Richard I creates a formidable infantry duo on the battlefield. Richard I brings additional defense and healing bonuses, complementing Charles Martel’s tanking capabilities. This pairing is ideal for rallying or defending objectives.

2. El Cid: Charles Martel’s defensive nature is further enhanced when paired with El Cid. El Cid’s skill set includes an active skill that deals significant damage to multiple targets, making him an excellent offensive partner for Charles Martel. This combination is well-suited for conquering enemy cities or open-field battles.

3. YSG (Yi Seong-Gye): YSG is a versatile commander known for his powerful area-of-effect (AoE) damage. Pairing him with Charles Martel offers a balanced combination of defense and offense. Charles Martel’s tanking skills protect YSG, allowing him to deal devastating AoE damage to the enemy. This pairing is effective in both field battles and rallies.

In conclusion, focusing on the Infantry talent tree and pairing Charles Martel with commanders like Richard I, El Cid, or YSG will maximize his defensive capabilities and overall effectiveness on the battlefield. Experiment with different talent builds and pairings to find the strategy that works best for your gameplay style and objectives. Good luck!

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