Passport Pages are used when immigrating to other Kingdoms. What does the number of Passport Pages used depend on?

Answer: The number of Passport Pages used depends on the number of immigrations or migrations a player has made to other Kingdoms.

Some extra relevant information:

When immigrating to other Kingdoms in the popular game Rise of Kingdoms, the number of Passport Pages used depends on various factors. These factors play a crucial role in determining the number of pages from your Passport that will be consumed.

1. Distance between Kingdoms: The primary factor that influences the number of Passport Pages used is the distance between your current Kingdom and the Kingdom you intend to migrate to. The farther the destination Kingdom, the more pages you will require.

2. Kingdom Power: The power of the Kingdom you wish to immigrate to also affects the number of Passport Pages used. If the destination Kingdom has a higher power level, you may need more pages to travel there.

3. Migration Queue: When there is high demand for migration to a particular Kingdom, a migration queue is formed. The number of pages used depends on your position in the queue. If you are at the front of the queue, fewer Passport Pages may be consumed compared to those joining later.

4. Kingdom Age: The age of the Kingdom you want to migrate to is also a determining factor. Older Kingdoms tend to require more Passport Pages compared to newer ones.

5. Migration Limitations: Some Kingdoms have restrictions on the number of immigrants they accept. If a Kingdom has reached its migration limit, you may not be able to migrate there until slots become available. This limitation can also affect the number of pages used.

It is important to note that the number of Passport Pages used does not impact the duration of the immigration process. Whether you use one page or multiple pages, the time taken to complete the migration remains the same.

By considering these factors, you can plan your immigration strategy effectively and determine the number of Passport Pages needed to successfully migrate to another Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms.

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