My city Hall has a debuff on it. How do you remove it? It’s an exile debuff.

Answer: Maybe the king can remove it, but probably you have to wait for it to expire, maybe after the current event or a set period of days.

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, the exile debuff is a status effect that can be placed on a player’s City Hall. This debuff is usually a consequence of losing certain battles or breaking game rules, resulting in an exile period where your City Hall is restricted from participating in certain activities. Removing this debuff requires patience and strategic planning.

To remove the exile debuff from your City Hall, follow these steps:

1. Serve the Exile Period: The first step is to wait out the duration of the exile debuff. The length of this period can vary depending on the severity of the offense committed. During this time, you will not be able to engage in certain activities, such as joining rallies or using reinforcement troops. Focus on defensive strategies and resource gathering to strengthen your city while you wait.

2. Follow the Game Rules: To prevent receiving additional debuffs, make sure to adhere to the game rules. Avoid engaging in behaviors that could potentially violate the terms of service, such as cheating, exploiting game mechanics, or engaging in inappropriate conduct. By maintaining a fair and respectful approach, you can minimize the chances of receiving further penalties.

3. Seek Diplomatic Solutions: If you received the exile debuff due to conflicts with other players or alliances, it may be beneficial to seek diplomatic solutions. Reach out to your adversaries or alliance leaders to discuss the issue and find ways to resolve conflicts peacefully. Open communication and negotiation can help mend strained relationships and prevent future debuffs.

4. Enhance Your City Defenses: While you are serving the exile period, focus on strengthening your city’s defenses. Upgrade your walls, train stronger troops, and ensure that your City Hall is well-protected. By making your city a formidable target, you can deter potential attacks and increase your chances of survival in future battles.

5. Learn from Mistakes: Use the exile period as an opportunity to reflect on the decisions and actions that led to the debuff in the first place. Identify any mistakes or weaknesses in your gameplay and strategize ways to improve. Learning from your experiences will make you a stronger and more knowledgeable player, reducing the likelihood of facing similar penalties in the future.

Remember, removing the exile debuff is not an instantaneous process. It requires time, patience, and a proactive mindset. Stay positive, learn from your mistakes, and work on building a powerful and resilient city.

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